Who can join Cross Country?​

Youth between ages 7-18yrs. old may participate in Cross County.  We do accept younger athletes, but to compete in Nationals, they must be 7.

I live outside of Peachtree City, can I still join PTC Flash?

PTC Flash operates in conjunction with the Peachtree City Department of Parks & Recreation, however all athletes, regardless of residency, are eligible to participate with the team.


Who are the coaches?

All team coaches are volunteers. They are individuals who take their personal time to instruct and coach your child.  Each coach has undergone SafeCoach training and had a background check performed.


Does a parent need to be present at each practice and meet?

A parent is required to either remain at each practice/meet or designate (in writing) another person as having responsibility for the athlete. In other words, unless specifically discussed with a coach prior to practice, someone responsible for the athlete must be present at practice. Please note that this is primarily a medical/liability matter where we’re trying to ensure the safety of the athletes.


How are age groups divided at meets?
Age groups are decided by what age the athlete will be by Dec. 31 of the participation year.  Click here for more info: http://www.usatf.org/groups/Youth/ageDivisions.asp


Year of birth           Age Division       Name of Division

2009-2010                7 - 8                   Sub-Bantam

2007-2008                9 - 10                 Bantam

2005-2006              11 - 12                 Midget

2003-2004              13 - 14                 Youth

2001-2002              15 - 16                 Intermediate

1999-2000              17 - 18                 Young Men/Women


Do we practice in the rain?

Yes, we practice rain or shine!. If there’s very heavy rain or lightning/thunder we will cancel practice. Use your best judgment.


What running gear does my child need?

Your child will need to have a pair of athletic running shoes for practice and meets.  Appropriate running attire should include warm ups, running shorts, long and short sleeved shirts.  Dress in layers in cool weather.


Where can I buy running shoes?

You can buy running shoes at any of the sporting goods stores, such as Smith & Davis (Fayetteville), Dick’s (Newnan), Academy (Newnan), as well as specialty running stores such as Phiddipides, Fleet Feet, Big Peach Running, etc., which are located in Atlanta.