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Who can join track and field?

Youth between ages 7-18yrs. old may participate in T&F.


I live outside of Peachtree City, can I still join PTC Flash?

PTC Flash operates in conjunction with the Peachtree City Department of Parks & Recreation, however, all athletes regardless of residency are eligible to participate with the team.


How are age groups divided at meets?
Age groups are decided by what age the athlete will turn by Dec. 31 of the participation year.


Year of birth           Age Division       

2007-2008               7 - 8                   

2005-2006               9 - 10                 

2003-2004              11 - 12                 

2001-2002              13 - 14                

1999-2000              15 - 16                 

1997-1998              17 - 18                


What events are contested at Track Meets?

The following events will be contested at the meets. Note that not all events will be available at each meet. Athletes in the Sub-bantam through Midget age groups will be allowed to participate in up to three events. Athletes in the Youth through Young Men/Women age groups will be allowed to participate in up to four events. Unless otherwise noted, the events are open to all age groups.


Sprints                Distance                Hurdles/Relays                 Field Events

100m                  1500m                   80m Hurdles*                    Long Jump

200m                  3000m*                 100m Hurdles*                  Triple Jump*

400m                  5000m*                 110m Hurdles*                  High Jump

800m                                                400m Hurdles                   Discus*

                                                         4X100m Relay                  Javelin*

                                                         4x400m Relay                   Mini Javelin


  • Age restrictions may apply that limit an athlete’s ability to participate in these events.


What is a Saturday track meet like?

Meets usually begin at 9:00 AM, typically with the 1500 or 3000m race. The meet organizers try to provide a meet schedule on the Friday before the meet which we will send to all athletes via e-mail and post on the website. You should plan to arrive to the track at least 1½ hours before your race is scheduled to begin.


When you arrive at the track, go directly to the team location and check in with the Flash parent handing out race numbers. Please affix your race number to your singlet as soon as received.


Parents and athletes are responsible for making sure they are ready to check-in when called. All parents and athletes need to listen to the announcer making “event calls” and know when their event is approaching.  Following sign-in, the athletes will follow the direction of the meet officials.


What are my volunteer obligations?

Any parent, regardless of prior experience, is more than welcome to volunteer to help during practice and become an assistant coach. The more parents involved, the more the kids will get out of the program.  At all of our track meets we will need parent volunteers to hand out race numbers, and coordinate the tent arrival and set up as well as take down.


How communication is used by the club to reach parents/athletes?

We will send frequent e-mail communications.  Coaches try to arrive a few minutes before practice starts to talk with parents or athletes who have concerns. You’re always free to e-mail any questions or concerns to running@ptcflash.com. We always try to respond within 24 hours.


What running gear does my child need?

Your child will need to have a pair of athletic running shoes for practice and meets as well as a bottle of water/sports drink. Appropriate running attire should include warm ups suits, running shorts, and long- and short-sleeved shirts. Athletes can use running shoes including trainers or racing flats. Spikes are allowed.


Where can I buy running shoes?

You can buy running shoes at any sporting goods store, like Dick’s or The Sports Authority. Smith & Davis Clothing at 1552 Highway 54 West, Fayetteville, carries a good selection of running shoes. Also, Phidippides, located at 1544 Piedmont Road, Atlanta offers Flash athletes and coaches 10% off.