Practice Courses

We have new courses marked leaving from Oak Grove.  You may still use these courses, but the new courses are marked by color and mileage, e.g. a silver bolt and a number 2 means you follow the silver bolts and the direction they point for a 2 mile run.

Route 0:  2 miles Southside Church Loop

Route 1:  1.1 miles  Kennerly Way Loop

Route 2:  2.1 miles  Luther Glass Water Fountain  YELLOW

Route 3:  1.6 miles  Rockspray Pond Loop   GREEN

Route 4:  2.2 miles  Bradford Point Hill

Route 5:  2 miles  Dartmouth Loop

Route 7:  3 miles  Golf Course Pond   YELLOW

Route 8:  4 miles  Braelinn Loop

Route 9:  5 miles  Braelinn-Luther Glass Loop