Summer Training
Safety & Tips

1)  Drink Plenty of Water

Georgia summers are very hot and being hydrated is extremely important.  The best way to keep hydrated is to sip on water throughout the day.  Keep a water bottle filled and with the kids during the day, and keep additional water bottles ready and waiting in the fridge. A general rule is that you should drink half your weight in ounces of water per day.  Example, a hundred pound athlete should drink at least 50 ounces of water just to stay hydrated. They will need more water while training.

2)  Run Early or Late in the Day

Do not run in the heat of the day!  This is dangerous and could cause serious injury.  Instead run early in the morning before the sun is high, or late in the evening when the sun is going down.  Georgia summers offer about 14 hours of daylight, try to run from pre-dawn (if the kids are early risers) until about 10AM, or from 6:30 until twilight.

3)  Communicate Your Route or Time

Whether the kids are old enough to run by themselves or if they are running with an adult, an estimation of completion should be communicated to someone.  Before you’re out the door and on your run, someone should know either where you went, or when you are expected back.

4)  Listen to Your Body

Training is supposed to make you stronger.  If you feel overly tired, dehydrated, lightheaded, or if you feel like you may be injured by continuing your workout(s) then stop.  There is no sense risking your overall heath for one workout.  It doesn’t make you a quitter, it shows you’re intelligent.  

5)  Have Fun

Training should not be dreaded.  Yes, some days it’s hard to get out the door, but overall it should be fun.  Don’t do the same workout or route everyday- mix it up.  Go trail running, run with friends or a group, go to the XC course, hit the track, play running games, do a scavenger hunt or hash run.  Run a race or races during the summer, anything to keep in shape.