Where and When We Practice

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays 6 :00 - 7:15 pm and Saturdays: 8:00 - 9:30am: Oak Grove Elementary--behind the school on the track


Please Note: In the fall, when the time changes, we will plan to move our practices to Riley Field, which offers a lighted track, since it is dark by 6:15 pm.


Athletes are not required to attend all practices, though it is encouraged.  We understand that some athletes may have scheduling conflicts during the season or that some athletes may need additional rest between practices.


A typical practice starts with 30 minutes of warm-up drills and exercises, 20-40 minutes of running, and another 10-15 minutes of exercises and stretches.


Please make sure your athlete dresses comfortably and appropriately for the weather.  The beginning of the season is still very hot.  Every athlete must bring a water bottle or two (labeled with their name, please) to ensure plenty of hydration!


Training Groups


Our first two weeks of practice will involve monitoring the athletes in order to divide them into appropriate training groups, including a time trial.  Athletes typically train with their age groups, but we will monitor progress and make changes to ensure each athlete trains with the best group for their ability.  While running is considered an individual sport, there are strategies that can be implemented and it is important to know how to work together as a team.


Regarding beginners, our team is a developmental group, and we will work with your beginner to prepare them for meets.   

Note: Ideally, all athletes should be able to run their USATF race distance by the first meet.


Cross country suggested times:

  • 2K (1.24 miles) for athletes 8 years old and under less than 15 minutes

  • 3K (1.86 miles) for athletes 9 - 12 years old less than 21 minutes

  • 4K (2.49 miles) for athletes 13 - 14 years old less than 24 minutes

  • 5K (3.11 miles) for 15+ years old in less than 28 minutes