Safety First

On the Paths

Run on the right-hand side.  
The paths are like a mini-road, faster traffic will pass on the left.

No more than two abreast.  
Any more than that and there is no room for anyone to go around.

Stay at least two full strides behind the person in front of you.  
There is a host of reasons to keep some distance but the major reasons are:

1)  If they fall, they are either bringing you down, or you’ll step on them
2)  You may get your legs tangled up and bring both of you down
3)  Road debris, pot-holes,  and animals will be hard to avoid if you’re running too closely

On the Roads

Run on the left-hand side.
Running against traffic allows a runner to see oncoming cars, bikes, etc.  If you run with traffic these things can sneak up on you and could cause serious injury.

Run Single File
Running side by side on the road instead of single-file means someone is out in the middle of the road--not a safe place to be.

Front to Backs
Keeping everyone together

A Front to Back is a simple move that all of our groups use to keep everyone together.  It works like this:  The people in the front of the group do a 180 and come back toward the rear of the group.  When they reach the last person in the group they turn back around to head in the original direction. This keeps everyone moving at their own pace. The people in the back don’t have to worry about getting left behind and the people in the front get a bit of extra mileage.

When to do Front to Backs:

1)  When a coach yells “Front to Back”
2)  Anytime we reach an intersection with a road
3)  Anytime we reach a tunnel