Volunteer Sign Up

Our athletes deserve the best! And that includes you. 


There are four overarching groups to choose from: Practice, Race Day, General, and Organizational. Pick the one that best suits your talent and time.  See details below.


These positions are vital to the organization! You can volunteer for the full season, one day every week, or a few specific weeks throughout the season.

Golf Cart: Drive golf cart as sweeper with running groups

Popsicles: Take home provided popsicles, freeze, bring to practice and distribute

Running Coach: Run with athletes, guide through practices and races

Bicycle: Ride bicycle to either lead or sweep a running group

Onsite Coach (General): Control the chaos during practice

Onsite Coach (Route Handler): Post which routes each group is doing that day

Race Day

These volunteers have a specific task that typically doesn’t take more than one race, and most of these opportunities will still allow you to watch the race.

Numbers: Distribute numbers to athletes

Warm Up Athletes: Warm up athletes, leading them through drill, stretching, etc.

Sweeper: Run/Walk behind the last athlete in a race

Camp Set up: Raise the tent, put down the tarp, stake Flash flag, etc.

Camp Tear Down: Raise the tent, fold and stow the tarp, repack Flash flag, etc.

Course Set Up: Stake race course, mark with flags, etc.

Course Tear Down: Pull up stakes, roll flags, stow supplies, etc.

Course Clean Up: Clean up trash, take trash to dumpster, collect lost item (clothing etc.)

Snacks: Distribute snacks throughout the race day

First Aid: General first aid.  Distribute Band-Aids, wrap ankles, etc.

Course Walk Through: Before first race, walk through the course and explain each route to coaches and athletes

Award/Metal Collector: Supervise the collection of individual and team metals for Flash athletes

Course Marshal: Stand in position and move the course rope to send racers down the correct path


Each of the opportunities below will take more time and work, and a few of them require a certain skill set.  Consider these if they fit your talents.

Photographer: Take pictures and video of events, athletes, etc.

Photo Editor: Edit photos, prep for website

Website: Manage website, post results, pictures, manage calendar, etc.

Volunteer Sign Up Coordinator: Manage provided volunteer sign up documents. Keep spreadsheet with volunteer info

Money/ Form Collector: Collect money and forms from athletes and parents

Course Maintenance: Outside labor: laying sod, building walls, filling holes, removing debris, etc.

Organizational Opportunities

The positions below must be approved by the Flash Organization prior to the appointment.  They are skill and talent specific and will require a high level of commitment.

President: Oversee the overall club annual program and community involvement

Secretary: Manage communications (monitor e-mail/work with web & Facebook managers), consider newspaper/publicity opportunities.  Weekly or as needed team newsletter

Treasurer: Maintain and communicate financials (bank, insurance, non-profit status)

Head Coaches: Cross Country & Track

Team Manager: Coordinate uniform/shirts and any travel coordination

Social Manager: Coordinate popsicles, any desired team events, packet pick up/pizza prior to PTC classic, year-end party.

Race Director: Coordinate/oversee efforts for hosting a race.  Also be aware of course work days to seek help.

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